Sustainable Living: Whippoorwill Farms SC – Sustainable Organic Farm

Sustainable Living: Whippoorwill Farms SC – Sustainable Organic Farm

Whippoorwill Farms is a sustainable organic farm located in South Carolina. We had the honor to speak to Farmer Marissa Paykos about her organic and sustainable farm. She shared about her life from starting the farm with her husband James and daughter Ellie, to growing organic vegetables and using sustainable and humane practices to feed and raise pigs, rabbits and free-range chickens.

She talked about her ways to support the community in her area, how she reuses and recycles materials and how the farm is reducing their carbon footprint and waste.

She also shared valuable insight on how she utilizes social media and modern technology for promoting the farm and its products to increase her sales by marketing directly to her customers and selling at the local farmers markets. We learned so much from our talk with Marissa and truly enjoyed our visit with her lovely family and their animals.

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Whippoorwill Farms is a member of the Harvest Hosts Program and we loved staying on the farm for a peaceful night thanks to this program, which is a unique program offering overnight stays for RVers and self-contained Vanlifers at over 600 participating farms, wineries, breweries, distilleries, museums and golf clubs.

For a $79 per year membership fee the hosts allow for an overnight stay on their land at no cost while members are encouraged to drink, eat or shop at the host’s establishment before going to sleep on their property. It’s a win-win situation that provides for unique experiences, learning opportunities and social exchange that make for wonderful memories.

For more info visit the Harvest Hosts website.

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