Travel Trailer Interior Renovation Painting

Travel Trailer Interior Renovation Painting

When we bought our 2003 Coachman Spirit of America travel trailer, a 25ft long and 7ft wide cube on wheels, we were super excited to paint the interior and make it our own. For the last 50 years, the RV industry used pretty much only 3 colors for interior design: light brown, medium brown and dark brown. No way we could live with that look! We wanted to live in a cheerful and colorful environment. After gazing through some magazines and interior design blogs, we decided to paint the walls white and the cabinets in a light blueish-gray. Since the original hinges and handles were ornamented bronze we decided to donate them and bought sleek, modern and silver-colored ones instead. Then after the painting was done we added some cheer with colorful cushion fabric and re-use the colorful pillows we already had in our apartment.

During the renovation and for the paint-job we used eco-friendly products whenever possible: biodegradable soap, sponges and garbage bags for pre- and post cleanup, odorless and low VOC primer and zero VOC paint for walls and cabinets, eco-drop cloth to protect the floor from dripping paint and we used mineral oil to clean brushes.

Although this was our first time painting an RV and it is a pretty difficult and labor-intensive job to paint the shiny flat fake-wood paneling surface of RV cabinets, we are so happy with the outcome. We decided not to sand down the cabinets before priming because we simply did not have the time for it. As a result, the primer did have some difficulty adhering to the surface during the first layer. As an end result, there were a few uneven spots in the paint overall – not perfect by any means, but we nevertheless are happy on how the paint job turned out.

Here’s a list of the Environmentally-Conscious Products we used:

Trimaco 02101 9′ X 12′ Eco Drop™ Paper Drop Cloth

Scotch-Brite Greener Clean Natural Fiber Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge, Made from 100% Plant-Based Fibers, 2-Sponges

13 Gallon Tall Kitchen Bags – 3 PACKS (36 Count)

Afm Safecoat Safe Seal, White 32 Oz. Can 1/Case

Simple Green 13005CT Industrial Cleaner and Degreaser, Concentrated, 1 Gal Bottle

Grn Mnrl Spirits Carb Gl

KILZ Odorless Interior Oil-Base Primer/Sealer/Stainblocker, White, 1-gallon

5-gal. Ultra Pure White Zero VOC Flat Interior Paint

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