Sustainable Living: Interview with Owner/Chef at Vegenation, Vegan Restaurant in Las Vegas

We had the honor to interview Donald Lemperle, Executive Chef and Owner of Vegenation, a community-based vegan restaurant in Las Vegas. Donald talked about the sustainability of food sourcing, veganism and the environmental impact of food choices, health benefits and trends of the vegan lifestyle movement.



On our travel through Nevada we stayed in Las Vegas for a couple of months and filled our bellies in the vegan Vegas valley. We frequently visited Vegenation and loved their inventive creations, the fresh and delicious food, their sustainable community approach and the friendly staff.

Their menu is 100% plant based and the restaurant is working with local small businesses to source beer, booze, coffee, tea, artisan vegan cheeses and seasonal herbs. The vegetables and fruits are grown locally in Nevada by school garden programs, community gardens, and freight farms and also sourced from farms of the neighboring State of California. Vegenation believes in sharing positive vibes, giving awesome service, being kind to the planet, being change makers and doing things creatively.

Currently, Vegenation has two restaurant locations in Las Vegas.
Please visit their restaurant for a delicious meal and check out their website for more information:

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