The East Coast #Vanlife Tour Road Trip Part 1

Our #Vanlife itinerary driving from down South in Central Florida and cruising up along the coast to North East New York and beyond. After spending a couple months in our travel trailer in Florida it was time to get going and living on the road again!

This time our road trip is taking us from Florida to Maine and back! On this road trip we were primarily boondocking (free dry camping), we slept in our van while being parked in city parking lots, at a friend’s driveway in North Carolina, a campground in Ocracoke and on several small farms.

The East Coast #Vanlife Tour Road Trip Part 1

We also had an interview with farmer Marissa of Whippoorwill Farms in South Carolina and learned from her about their eco-friendly, organic and sustainable farming practices and how they raise their pigs, chickens and rabbits humanely and with free range. Check out the video interview here.

Whippoorwill Farms is a member of the Harvest Hosts Program and we loved staying on this and other farms on our trip. It is always great to stay at a farm and we always have a peaceful night and it is a unique experience.

Harvest Hosts is a program offering overnight stays for RVers and self-contained Vanlifers at over 600 participating farms, wineries, breweries, distilleries, museums and golf clubs.
For a $79 per year membership fee the hosts allow for an overnight stay on their land at no cost while members are encouraged to drink, eat or shop at the host’s establishment before going to sleep on their property. It’s a win-win situation that provides for unique experiences, learning opportunities and social exchange that make for wonderful memories.

For more info visit the Harvest Hosts website:

For two nights we stayed in an Airbnb in the Outer Banks in North Carolina that we fled to because of some very aggressive mosquitoes that tried to eat us alive even with the van doors and windows shut, but they found their way inside through a small crack at the side door frame.

We are so excited to be back in our van and living the simple van life and exploring all the beauty that the East Coast has to offer!

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