Sustainable Living: Interview With Little River Flower Farm / Cottage / Wedding Flowers

The Little River Flower Farm Airbnb is a lovely, rustic Post and Beam Cottage with pine wood interior, Eco-friendly construction and interior design. The Tiny Home has a separate bedroom with queen size bed, a kitchen and dining area and a bathroom with shower, toilet and hot water. This Airbnb has heating and air conditioning for comfort through all four seasons, it is a laptop friendly workspace and provides all the amenities for a relaxing stay.

This Airbnb is located at the Little River Flower Farm in Buxton, Maine, just 30 minutes outside the coastal city of Portland Maine and close to many of Maine’s finest breweries and restaurants. The farm grows organic vegetables, fruits and berries, and over 3 acres of perennial and annual organic cut flowers that are sold locally as well as offered as “pick your own”, perfect for weddings, parties and other special occasions.

The farm is also a sanctuary for a few chickens that are roaming freely and happily. Airbnb guests are welcome to walk the grounds and take joy in viewing the beautiful flowers and vegetables that are growing from May to October. Great hiking trails and a private path along the Little River are accessible from the Airbnb and even in the winter months snowshoeing, cross country skiing and ice skating are outdoor activities that are available in the area.

Airbnb Listing for Little River Flower Farm Cottage:

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Sustainable Living: Interview with Omega Center for Sustainable Living and Omega Institute

Omega Institute for Holistic Studies is a non-profit educational, retreat center located in Rhinebeck, New York and houses the Omega Center for Sustainable Living. We had the honor to visit the Omega campus and speak to Chrissa Santoro, the Director of External Communications and talk about the many eco-friendly initiatives and holistic programs that Omega offers.

Sustainable Living: Interview with Omega Center for Sustainable Living and Omega Institute

The interview was held at The Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL) which was opened in 2009 and was the first building ever to achieve both LEED® Platinum and Living Building Challenge™ certification—the highest environmental performance standards available.

The OCSL is an environmental education center and hosts a greenhouse and state-of-the art Eco-Machine™, a natural water reclamation facility that has reclaimed 45M gallons of wastewater during the last 10 years since it was opened. The Eco-Machine™ uses plants, bacteria, algae, snails, and fungi to turn Omega’s wastewater into clean water which is then used to restore the aquifer.

The majority of the building is built with reclaimed wood, and a small amount of the wood is sourced from FSC Certified Forests. The building uses geothermal technology for heating and cooling and utilizes 211 solar panels to generate 134.2 kw/day.

The center is designed to generate more electricity than it uses and in the last 10 years it saved a total of 867K pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.

Omega’s campus has numerous additional eco-friendly initiatives to prevent waste and reduce its environmental impact that range from recycling, composting, conservation of resources, supporting sustainable agriculture and local businesses by offering farm-to-table meals that are locally sourced and mostly organically grown and powering 100% of campus electricity through the purchase of wind and solar power.

Besides the OCSL, Omega provides over 350 educational workshops and events annually that range from: body, mind, and spirit to creative expression, to leadership and work, health and healing, relationships and family, and sustainable living. Omega’s commitment to creating a climate for positive change extends beyond workshops and R&R retreats, through other key initiatives and programs including the Omega Women’s Leadership Center, work with Veterans that offers programs and scholarships for Veterans with PTSD and traumatic brain injuries, Yoga Service which brings yoga practice to underserved populations such as prisons, senior homes, and schools with at-risk youth, as well as programs that bring mindfulness practice to educational institutions and healthcare providers.

To learn more about the Omega Institute of Holistic Studies and the Omega Center for Sustainable Living please visit their website:

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Sustainable Living: Jessie Creek Winery

We had the honor to visit the beautiful Jessie Creek Winery and Inn in Cape May during our travel through New Jersey. The owner Dr. Bruce Morrison talked to us about the wineries mission and their award winning wines. He also informed us about their sustainable ground keeping practices and how the winery plants native plants to invite native organisms and insects and promote a healthy environment for the Monarch Butterflies.

Jessie Creek Winery was awarded by the Cape May Chamber of Commerce for their aid and contribution to the The Wetlands Institute for wetlands conservation projects throughout the county.

The owners gave us a tour of their beautiful Inn at Jessie Creek that the couple lovingly restored. The Inn is listed on Airbnb and can be rented also for special events. Jessie Creek Winery is a great place for any events including weddings and birthdays.


Please visit the Jessie Creek Winery website for more info and visit their Facebook page.

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Sustainable Living: Interview with Owner/Chef at Vegenation, Vegan Restaurant in Las Vegas

We had the honor to interview Donald Lemperle, Executive Chef and Owner of Vegenation, a community-based vegan restaurant in Las Vegas. Donald talked about the sustainability of food sourcing, veganism and the environmental impact of food choices, health benefits and trends of the vegan lifestyle movement.



On our travel through Nevada we stayed in Las Vegas for a couple of months and filled our bellies in the vegan Vegas valley. We frequently visited Vegenation and loved their inventive creations, the fresh and delicious food, their sustainable community approach and the friendly staff.

Their menu is 100% plant based and the restaurant is working with local small businesses to source beer, booze, coffee, tea, artisan vegan cheeses and seasonal herbs. The vegetables and fruits are grown locally in Nevada by school garden programs, community gardens, and freight farms and also sourced from farms of the neighboring State of California. Vegenation believes in sharing positive vibes, giving awesome service, being kind to the planet, being change makers and doing things creatively.

Currently, Vegenation has two restaurant locations in Las Vegas.
Please visit their restaurant for a delicious meal and check out their website for more information:

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