Vanlife Rhode Island and Massachusetts

From walking the cliffs in Newport to dolphin and whale watching in Cape Cod, learning about radio waves and communication at the Chatham Marconi Maritime Center, to viewing the witch trials memorial in Salem and the incredible street murals at Punto Urban Art Museum and much more!

Rhode Island and Massachusetts have a lot to offer for van life and RV travel. During our road trip from Florida to Maine along the Atlantic Coast and through New England we spent a few weeks exploring parts of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

These are the areas, towns, and cities we visited and the activities we enjoyed:

-Newport, RI
-Cliff Walk in Newport, Rhode Island:
-Cape Cod -North Falmouth, MA
-Chatham Marconi Maritime Center:
-Eastham Lighthouse
-Provincetown, MA
-Whale Watching out of Provincetown
-Boston, MA dinner at vegan Grasshopper Restaurant
-Lyon Woods for trail running
-Salem, MA
-Salem Witch Trials Memorial
-Punto Urban Art Museum, Salem:
-Our favorite vegan eats in Salem:
Life Alive Organic Cafe and Jodi Bee Bakes
-Newbury Port, MA

And there is so much more to see and explore that we did not have the time for! We only just scratched the surface on this trip! We definitely want to go back one day and see more of these beautiful two States.

Since #vanlife is not as popular on the East Coast as it is on the West Coast, it was pretty easy to find overnight parking without any hassle. And there are many 24h fitness studios (that’s Planet Fitness for us) where we were able to shower at. Of course, there are also plenty of campgrounds available for those who prefer to stay at campsites or State Parks, as well.

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