Sustainable Living: Interview with Dragonfly Vegetarian Cafe

Sustainable Living: Interview with Dragonfly Vegetarian Cafe

We were so happy to have found the Dragonfly Vegetarian Cafe in Ocala on our travel through Florida. We loved their vegan and vegetarian food which is so fresh and vibrant, healthy and delicious.

Everything is made daily from scratch by chef Lizzy. The menu has a great selection from juices and smoothies, salads, buddha bowls, tacos, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and desserts. There are lentil meatballs, chickpea and nut burgers, olive tapenade spreads, jackfruit “pulled pork” and delicious desserts from chocolate chia seed pudding to CBD ice cream.

Besides their wonderful food, we also loved to hear about their sustainable practices. We had the honor to interview the owner Aaron Dunton who talked about the cafe and incorporating eco-friendly practices into the restaurant business, from composting kitchen scraps and using sustainable dish ware and utensils to the cafe’s plans on reducing garbage and improving their recycling practice.

Sadly, Marion County where the cafe is located at, does not have a recycling program in place. Hopefully, this will change in the near future.
However, the school district is planning to implement school gardens and and distribute those locally grown veggies to surrounding restaurants including the Dragonfly Vegetarian Cafe.


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