Remote and Nomad Living – Ocala – Gainesville – Tallahassee

Remote and Nomad Living – Ocala – Gainesville – Tallahassee

During our sixth month of nomad life we enjoyed a few great getaways and days of exploration. We traveled from Tallahassee to the quiet Alligator Beach, swam in the beautiful and cold Juniper Spring in Ocala National Forest, rode our bikes on some great trails in Gainesville and Tallahassee and for the first time had guests over for a vegetarian chili and grill party.

We also continued to work remotely and on-site and tried to improve our remote work-life balance. We love this nomad life and are looking forward to all our upcoming adventures.


Our Gear used in this Video:

GoPro HERO5 Session:
Accessories Kit for GoPro:
EVO Gimbal:
Suaoki Portable Solar Generator/Battery:
Luci Solar Lights:
Eco-Friendly Sunscreen:
Swim Goggles:
Kayak Paddles:
Paddle Life Vest:
Camping Hammock:
Omega Juicer:
Portable Induction Cooktop:
Grill-Steam-Bake Multi Cooker:
Grill Pizza Pan:
Oster Bread Machine:

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