Our Gear

As outdoor enthusiasts and full time digital nomads, we love to travel off-grid while still being able to charge our cell phones, laptops and stay connected while  out in nature. The following list consists of tech gear that we take on the road wherever we go, no matter if we travel with a travel trailer or go minimal camping by truck and tent. We are not endorsed or sponsored by any of these companies and list only gear that we are personally use and love. The links provided however are affiliate links and you can support us when buying from amazon through our links without added cost to you. We hope you’ll find this list helpful.

Zamp Solar 200P Portable Charge Kit

We love the Zamp Portable Solar Panel Kit. It is currently the only 200 watt portable solar panel on the market and a great way to charge the RV battery or Truck battery when wild camping. It’s made with monocrystalline solar cells and comes with a 15 Amp waterproof solar charge controller with display. It is super simple to use, just connect the alligator clips to the RV or car battery and position the panel towards the sun and let it charge. The portable solar panel allows us to park our truck or travel trailer in the shade while the panel is soaking up the sun in direct sunlight. It also gives us more flexibility in comparison with a fixed solar panel, since we have the choice to use it for the RV or for the Truck, as we quite often leave the trailer and go truck camping out in the wild for several days.

Photo provided by: Zamp Solar

Suaoki 444Wh/120,000mAh Portable Solar Generator Lithium ion Power Source Power Supply with Quiet 300W DC/AC Inverter, 12V Car, DC/AC/USB Outputs, Charged by Solar Panel/AC Outlet/Cars

There are a few rechargeable generators out there on the market and the goal zero yeti has been discussed widely in the RV community. We decided to get the Suaoki 444Wh portable generator because it is small and lightweight but equally powerful and is chargeable via solar panels, as well as via AC or 12V outlets. If using solar panel to charge, one has the choice of using any make or brand as long as the output voltage for the solar panel is 14-40V and the maximum input current is 10A and the maximum watts 120W.
We love this power generator as it’s the perfect companion for any camping or off-grid situation while needing power for laptops when working remotely, charging multiple phones and camera batteries or using other small appliances. We even bring it with us when working remotely at cafes and restaurants that don’t have electric outlets available.

Photo provided by: Suaoki

Apple MPDK2LL/A 13″ MacBook Pro, Retina, Touch Bar, 3.3GHz Intel i7 Dual Core, 16GB RAM, 512GB PCIe SSD, Intel Iris 550 Graphics, Space Gray

This MacBook Pro is a true workhorse and the perfect companion for remote work as a digital nomad. It is lightweight and small enough for any backpack or laptop bag, at the same time it provides enough power for working on entire projects including web design, photo processing, video editing, programming etc.

Photo provided by Apple

MPOWERD Luci Lux Inflatable Solar Lantern Style: Lux Inflatable Model: 410

Luci Lights are our favorite lights for both indoor and outdoor use. These small inflatable wonder lights are waterproof, shatterproof and easy to store. We attach them onto hooks and hang it from our backpack to let it charge during the day then use the light during the night. Super easy to bring wherever you go. It charges via sun and even on cloudy days. It comes in a warm egg-shell, clear light and also in different colors.

Photo provided by Mpowerd

Solar Powered Panel Phone Charger Portable Dual USB for iPhone 6 6s 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 S7 Edge, Android BlitzWolf 15W Foldable Water Resistant SunPower Charger with 2 USB Port

We love this portable solar panel because it is super lightweight, small and water resistant, great for backpacking, day trips and every day use. It is a high efficiency solar charger that can charge cell phones, small battery packs or other USB devises. We attach it to our backpacks during backpacking trips or put it outside in the sunlight wherever we are staying at and then let the sun do all the work while charging our phones.  During cloudy skies, it will automatically turn on to charge when illuminated by the sun. It does not hold charge though as there is no battery pack attached but it is a convenient way to charge small USB devices when being off-grid and on the go.

Photo provided by: BlitzWolf