Our First Month On The Road As Nomads

Our First Month On The Road As Nomads

Our first month on the road as full time nomads in October 2017 was exciting for sure. It all went pretty smooth despite the fact that we jumped into our new journey head over heels. We finished our trailer renovation late at night the day before we hit the road.
The last two months before we left our home in New York City was a chaotic and intense time as everything was happening at once: we were still working at our workplaces until the last week while still continuing our trailer renovation, at the same time downsizing our belongings and moving out of our rental apartment into the trailer all while saying goodbye to our friends and family. Craziness.

New York City To Florida

Once we left, we had a whole month to get from New York City to Florida, and we had somewhat of an idea of a route but honestly we did not have the time to do too much research. Neither of us had ever towed a travel trailer or anything like it until the week we left. A friend of us who had much experience hitching up and pulling things was nice enough to teach us the basics and gave Damian a 2h driving and practice lesson. I/Eliane learned while watching Damian and then did my first towing practice in an empty lot on the third day of our journey. From then on we have both been towing the trailer and sharing the load. We knew we wanted to visit Shanendoah National Park and we wanted to do some hiking there for sure. Since we were newbies at driving a big vehicle, we double checked our route with an app called CoPilot that helps to navigate large vehicles and with that all went well even when driving through the Blue Ridge Mountains. I was astonished, that after only a couple days we already managed to back up our truck and trailer at a gas station because we pulled into it without realizing that the turn was too tight to pull forward and out of it. Not just once. Twice. Yup. Fun stuff! Sweating bullets and tense moments for sure. But it all makes for a great learning experience and a good laugh when thinking back to those moments.

Our Route, October 2017:

-New York City NY
-Egg Harbor Township and Lakewood NJ
-Carlisle PA
-Waynesboro VA
-Shanendoah National Park VA
-Grottoes VA
-Claytor Lake State Park in Dublin VA
-Boonville NC
-Spartanburg/Gaffney SC
-Sparks GA
-Bushnell FL
-St Augustine and Anastasia State Park FL

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