Vanlife New Hampshire and Vermont / Hiking Franconia Ridge Loop Trail

During our road trip from Florida to Maine, we loved exploring the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire and had an incredible hike on the Franconia Ridge Loop Trail.

After spending a few months on the coast, it was great to have a change of scenery with stunning views of the White Mountain National Forest and Green Mountain National Forest during the colorful fall foliage which added to the dramatic mountain views.

On our trip, Damian sadly had to work while we were in the White Mountains, but nevertheless, Eliane went on a solo hike and absolutely fell in love with the stunning panoramic views during the Franconia Ridge Loop hike. It is a strenuous hike but worth every drop of sweat.

This Franconia Ridge hike offers incredible views of the White Mountains and even the Vermont and the Adirondack Mountains:

We intended to hike up Mt Washington as well, but the weather was nice enough only on a few days and we chose the Franconia Ridge Loop Hike instead and we are glad we did!

These are the places we visited in New Hampshire and Vermont:

-White Mountain National Forest, NH
-Bartlett, NH
-Franconia, NH
-Montpelier, VT
-Waterbury, VT
-Stowe, VT
-Burlington, VT
-Green Mountain National Forest, VT

During this section of our trip, we mostly boondocked, also parked overnight at a friend’s driveway and at public parking lots, and stayed in a hotel for a couple of nights to enjoy a hot shower and high-speed wifi to get some work done as well. We hope you’ll like this video, please give us a thumb’s up and leave a comment!

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Vanlife Rhode Island and Massachusetts

From walking the cliffs in Newport to dolphin and whale watching in Cape Cod, learning about radio waves and communication at the Chatham Marconi Maritime Center, to viewing the witch trials memorial in Salem and the incredible street murals at Punto Urban Art Museum and much more!

Rhode Island and Massachusetts have a lot to offer for van life and RV travel. During our road trip from Florida to Maine along the Atlantic Coast and through New England we spent a few weeks exploring parts of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

These are the areas, towns, and cities we visited and the activities we enjoyed:

-Newport, RI
-Cliff Walk in Newport, Rhode Island:
-Cape Cod -North Falmouth, MA
-Chatham Marconi Maritime Center:
-Eastham Lighthouse
-Provincetown, MA
-Whale Watching out of Provincetown
-Boston, MA dinner at vegan Grasshopper Restaurant
-Lyon Woods for trail running
-Salem, MA
-Salem Witch Trials Memorial
-Punto Urban Art Museum, Salem:
-Our favorite vegan eats in Salem:
Life Alive Organic Cafe and Jodi Bee Bakes
-Newbury Port, MA

And there is so much more to see and explore that we did not have the time for! We only just scratched the surface on this trip! We definitely want to go back one day and see more of these beautiful two States.

Since #vanlife is not as popular on the East Coast as it is on the West Coast, it was pretty easy to find overnight parking without any hassle. And there are many 24h fitness studios (that’s Planet Fitness for us) where we were able to shower at. Of course, there are also plenty of campgrounds available for those who prefer to stay at campsites or State Parks, as well.

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Our Gear:

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Van Life New York State Road Trip

New York State has so much to offer for a road-trip and while living van life! New York State is not only home to the largest city in the USA, but it also offers vast natural beauty, scenic wilderness, forests, mountains, waterfalls, beaches, historic towns with lots of charm and friendly vibes.

After we had spent three months in New York City for a work gig during the Summer of 2019, we headed North, first into the Hudson Valley, and from there explored the rest of New York State with our self-converted campervan.

Since #vanlife is not as popular on the East Coast as it is on the West Coast, it was pretty easy to find overnight parking without any hassle. Of course, there are also plenty of campgrounds available for those who prefer to stay at campsites or State Parks, and public forests as well.

On our trip we visited the following areas, towns, and cities:
-Appalachian Trail outside of Harriman State Park
-New Paltz
-Adirondacks and hiking trail up to Hurricane Mountain
-Saranac Lake
-Robert H. Treman State Park outside of Ithaca
-Niagara Falls

During our trip through New York State, we were invited to do three interviews for our Sustainable Living series with the Omega Center for Sustainable Living, the Saranac Lake Inn and Local Roots NYC. See both interviews linked here:

Sustainable Living: Interview with Omega Center For Sustainable Living & Omega Institute

Sustainable Living: Saranac Lake Amenities | Gauthiers Saranac Lake Inn & Hotel

Sustainable Living: Interview with Farm to Table CSA Local Roots NYC

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40 Tips for Digital Nomad Life in New York City

New York City is a great place for digital nomads and the city has a lot to offer for both short-term and long-term visits. Last summer, we spent three months in NYC and enjoyed city-life while working remotely for our own businesses – Damian working in web development and SEO and Eliane working in health coaching and social media management, and in addition also did contract jobs on-site as a massage therapist and travel nurse.

Before we arrived in the big apple, we had traveled in our van from Florida to NYC along the East Coast, and afterward continued our road trip further up North. Since we were staying in NYC for a three-month work contract, we rented a studio through Airbnb for the first couple of days and then searched for an affordable room once we were in the city. We found one also via Airbnb but were able to get a lower rate due to renting it on a three-month basis. We used to live in New York City for fifteen years, before starting our full-time travel lifestyle three years ago, so we know the city very well.

This is our guide for Digital Nomad Life in New York City with 40 Tips from places to work from, pros and cons, and how to save money while working remotely in NYC:


  1. It is a multicultural city with unique people and many niche groups
  2. There is an endless list of things to do
  3. Lots of museums, galleries, festivals, concerts, movies, theater, comedy, and broadway
  4. Excellent food from around the world
  5. Many outdoor activities, public parks, waterfront areas, beaches and woods nearby
  6. Lots of educational opportunities, courses, workshops, and classes with all kinds of topics
  7. Many different neighborhoods and options to explore all five boroughs
  8. Walking-friendly and public transportation from bus, train, boat, cabs, and cablecar
  9. Free wifi everywhere
  10. Many fitness opportunities including free outdoor options in the city parks, regular gyms, CrossFit gyms, boutique gyms and fitness classes, boot camps, cycling classes, dance classes, martial arts schools, pilates, yoga, climbing halls, kayaking on the Hudson and East River, bike trails, walking trails along the waterfronts, public and private swimming pools, and even hiking nearby.


  1. NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the world! 
  2. High cost of living
  3. Expensive food, especially when eating out or buying coffee and drinks
  4. Seasons can be harsh with ice-cold winter, humid and hot summer temperatures
  5. It is always noisy
  6. It is a crowded environment with lots of people everywhere
  7. Stressful environment and lots of people are stressed
  8. It can be hard to make friends

Recommended Places to Work from:

  1. Public library:
  2. Public parks:
  3. Cafes and restaurants
  4. Indoor halls and atriums
  5. Hotel lobbies
  6. Co-working spaces:

Networking Opportunities:

  3. Co-working spaces
  4. Conferences
  5. Gallery openings
  6. Start-up companies
  7. Businesses of every industry
  8. Stores everywhere

Tips to Reduce Spending:

  1. Rent a room in the outer boroughs: Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Jersey City
  2. Get a room for the first few days and look for affordable options once you are there:
  3. Cook at home, only eat out on occasion
  4. Chose restaurants with lunch specials or Indian restaurants with lunch buffet options
  5. Buy from food trucks or get a $1 pizza slice
  6. Shop groceries at the many farmer’s markets or at supermarkets in the outer boroughs
  7. Use the bicycle, walk or take public transportation instead of cabs
  8. Use Groupon or Classpass for deals 

➡️ Download our guide: 40 Tips for Digital Nomad Life in New York City

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