Car Camping Bed Install With Storage

Car Camping Bed Install With Storage

Stealth camping in your vehicle makes it not only possible to save money on lodging but also keeps things simple while allowing flexibility and spontaneity on your road trip. With a few simple alterations, a car, truck, SUV or van can easily be made into a camper. All you need is some plywood and screws, window covers and air flow and you can park pretty much anywhere where it’s legal, climb in the back and make yourself invisible to the outside while sleeping comfortably and sound in your vehicle. We converted our Chevy Tahoe into a truck camper so we could take trips without having to pay for lodging and without having to tow our travel trailer. We loved the minimalist and simple life in the truck, and it was a great way for us to try vanlife before actually buying a van. After our initial trip to the Florida Keys we did several truck camping trips before we exchanged the Tahoe for a cargo van and the experience even helped with our built for the cargo van conversion.

Check out our Florida Key Truck Camping Video:

Our Gear used in this Video:
Plywood and hardware – bought at a nearby store.
GoPro HERO5 Session:
GoPro Accessories Kit:
EVO Gimbal:
Suaoki Portable Solar Generator Power Battery:
Coleman Classic Propane Stove:
Swiss Army Pocket Knife:
Organic Cotton Flannel Sheets:
Bamboo Travel Utensils:
Camping Hammock:
Solar Camping Shower Bag:
Biodegradable Wilderness Wash:

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