Remote and Nomad Living – Ocala – Gainesville – Tallahassee

During our sixth month of nomad life we enjoyed a few great getaways and days of exploration. We traveled from Tallahassee to the quiet Alligator Beach, swam in the beautiful and cold Juniper Spring in Ocala National Forest, rode our bikes on some great trails in Gainesville and Tallahassee and for the first time had guests over for a vegetarian chili and grill party.

We also continued to work remotely and on-site and tried to improve our remote work-life balance. We love this nomad life and are looking forward to all our upcoming adventures.


Our Gear used in this Video:

GoPro HERO5 Session:
Accessories Kit for GoPro:
EVO Gimbal:
Suaoki Portable Solar Generator/Battery:
Luci Solar Lights:
Eco-Friendly Sunscreen:
Swim Goggles:
Kayak Paddles:
Paddle Life Vest:
Camping Hammock:
Omega Juicer:
Portable Induction Cooktop:
Grill-Steam-Bake Multi Cooker:
Grill Pizza Pan:
Oster Bread Machine:

Disclaimer: This site contains affiliate links; which means that at no cost to you, we will earn a small commission for any purchase you make through our listed links. Thank you!

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Our Digital Nomad Fitness Routine
Keeping fit is an important part in our life as digital nomads. A healthy mind in a fit body – right!?
Although it may be harder when traveling full-time to find the time and place to workout on a regular basis, but with a few adjustments we find it to be quite easy to keep a regular fitness schedule and workout routine while mixing up outdoor activities and conditioning our bodies. Our all-time favorite go to workouts are: running, bicycling and hiking. If there are options for water activities, then we love swimming and kayaking as well. We also make sure to add yoga and meditation to the mix and stretch and foam-roll on a regular basis to keep our bodies flexible and balanced, eliminate stiffness and tight muscles.
We prefer working out in nature, occasionally, we like to add different activities like climbing, bouldering, taking a pilates class, go dancing or playing squash or feather ball, frisbee etc. The important part is to try to keep your body moving on a daily basis, to keep challenging yourself and most of all to having fun while doing so!  We hope our video will inspire you!

Our Favorite Gear Used In This Video:
GoPro HERO5 Session:
GoPro Accessories Kit:
Sunny inflatable kayak:
Aluminum Kayak Paddle:
Double Action Hand Pump for Kayak:
Paddle Sports Life Vest:
Eco-Friendly Sunscreen:
Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat:
Melt Foam Roller:
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What We Eat In A Week – Vegan/Vegetarian RV-Life

Traveling as a vegetarian or vegan can be tough in rural America as it can be hard to find vegan and vegetarian friendly options. Our number one solution is to cook your own meals! We love a healthy, vibrant plant based diet, and shop weekly at the local farmers markets if possible and substitute other staples from local markets in the area. Since we live in a 26 foot travel trailer and also in our converted cargo van where space is minimal, it can be challenging at times, but at the same time we love the simplicity of it.

We try to keep it eco-friendly by avoiding the use of plastic packaging whenever possible. We bring our own reusable shopping bags and produce mesh-bags, avoid the use of aluminum foil, but if we use it we choose recycled aluminum foil. And of course using biodegradable dishwashing soap and avoiding water waste is a must. We are eating mostly vegan plant based foods which is better for the environment as well as more ethical and better for animal wellbeing. On special occasions we eat cheese, eggs, dairy products and honey, but we try to keep it at a minimum. We hope to help inspire you to make some creative but simple meals. Bon appetit!


These are our kitchen gadgets that we use in the RV and Van:

Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Masticating Juicer

Ninja Master Prep Chopper, Blender, Food Processor

Duxtop 8100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop

The Stone Earth All-In-One Sauce Pan by Ozeri, APEO & PFOA-Free Stone-Derived

Coleman Cast Iron Skillet

KRUPS Electric Kettle

PUR Faucet Water Filter

Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle

Nordic Ware 365 Indoor/Outdoor Grill-Steam-Bake Multi Cooker

Nordic Ware 365 Indoor/Outdoor Large Pizza Pan

Oster Expressbake Bread Machine

Countertop Toaster Oven

Sparkle Soda Siphon-Silver

Corelle 20 Piece Livingware Dinnerware Set

Lunchskins Reusable Sandwich Bags

Bee’s Wrap Reusable Food Wraps

Compostable Garbage Bags

Please note: To support our cause, we use affiliate links and may receive a commission for purchases made through these links at no cost to you. We are not sponsored by anyone and list only gear that we are personally use and love. We selected the items we recommend purely based on personal satisfaction and because we like their quality.

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13 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas Under $30

Looking for practical, affordable and eco-friendly gifts? This is our list of 13 awesome gift recommendations. These are all items that are useful for everyday life, as well as for travel and camping adventures alike. We are not sponsored by these companies, we selected these items purely based on personal satisfaction and they all come with excellent ratings and customer reviews. Keeping it environmentally friendly makes giving even better!


1. Luci Lights

Photo provided by Mpowerd

We love these little lights, they are perfect for a backyard party, camping trip, backpacking tour or indoor use. These solar powered lights are a simple solution with great design. The light is inflatable and easy to store, shatterproof, waterproof and comes in different light variations from warm eggshell to bright white or in different colors. It is powered by the sun and charge takes about 8h of direct sunlight, it also can be charged under cloudy skies or incandescent light if needed. Once charged fully, it will stay lit for about 6-12h.




2. Solar charger for phone/ipad/gadgets

Solar Charger Phone
Photo provided by RAVPower

A great solution for using the sun to charge a phone, ipod or other USB-powered gadget. This power bank is small and handy, waterproof, shockproof and dustproof and comes with 2 USB slots to charge 2 phones or gadgets at the same time. It is made of eco-friendly material and comes with an integrated flashlight and emergency light and a hook to attach it to a backpack or bag so it can charge wherever you go.




3. Stainless Steel Bento Box

Stainless Steel Bento Box
Photo provided by GrubToGo

A great gift for those who like to bring their own lunch to work or on the road when traveling. The box has four different compartments to separate different foods and its flavors, condiments and snacks. It even comes with an ideas guide for bento box recipes. The box is made of stainless steel, non-toxic & non-leaching and are BPA-free, phthalates-free, PVC-free, vinyl-free and lead-free.




4. Beeswax food wrapper

Bees Wax Wrap
Photo Provided by Bee’s Wrap

These simple eco-friendly food wrappers are a great gift for any household. These wrappers replace the use of aluminum or plastic foil. Made with beeswax, certified cotton, organic jojoba oil and tree resin, these wrappers can be reused over and over to wrap anything from cheese, fruits, bread, cover bowls and pots and keeping food fresh.





5. Organic cotton food and produce bags

Simple Ecology Produce Cotton Bags
Photo provided by Simple Ecology

Reducing plastic waste is much easier when using these reusable and washable cotton bags for grocery shopping. We use these when buying from bulk bins and open produce stands at the farmers market or store and they are holding up great. A simple gift with a big positive impact on the environment.





6. Lunchskins reusable snack and sandwich bags

Lunchkins Reusable Food Storage Bags
Photo provided by Lunchkins

We love these little bags. They are great to pack a sandwich, nuts, fruits, veggie sticks, crackers and other snacks. The bags are dishwasher safe and made of a quick drying water resistant fabric that is toxin free and complies with FDA standards for food safety. They are convenient pocket with a flap, closed with velcro and come in many different colors and patterns.






7. Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

Dr Bronner's Biodegradable Soap
Photo provided by Dr. Bronner’s

We love this soap, as it is not only gentle and moisturizing on the skin, but can be used for shaving, laundry and household as well. And best of all, it comes in different fragrances with added essential oils. Peppermint helps clear the mind, lavender is relaxing, citrus is refreshing and rose is soothing. The soap is made from certified fare trade organic and vegan ingredients, free of synthetics or preservatives, it’s certified cruelty-free and produced without animal testing, 100% biodegradable.





8. Reuseable Grill Mats

Reusable Silicone Grill Mat
Photo provided by Rozotti

These grill mats are a really cool gift for bbq junkies. They are made of 100% PFOA-Free silicone material, dishwasher safe and heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The non-stick ability allows grilling without the use of oil and eliminates the use of aluminum foil as well.





9. Grill/Steam/Bake Multi Cooker

Nordic Ware Steamer Grill Cooker Pan
Photo provided by Nordic Ware

This special pan made for both indoor oven use or outdoor open fire grilling has a non-stick surface and eliminates the use of aluminum foil. We love this pan as it is very versatile and the vegetables we steam-grill over the open fire always come out juicy and flavorful. A great gift for any gourmet bbq fan.






10. Travel Coffee And Tea Mug

Arctic Lava Travel Coffee Tea Mug
Photo provided by Arctic Lava

Most people love their coffee or tea in the morning, what better way to take it on the go than with a travel mug that actually keeps the beverage hot for up to 8 hours and has a leak-proof lid.







11. Reusable Water Bottle

18 oz Wide Mouth HydroFlask

Hydro Flask Water Bottle
Photo provided by Hydro Flask

Reusable water bottles are a must have in any household. There are plenty of different brands out there of course, however, we have come to love this one in particular as the quality is just outstanding. We have been using this bottle for both cold and hot beverages as the insulation keeps the liquids at its temperature for at least 5 hours.








12. Emergency weather radio and phone charger flashlight

Solar Hand Crank USB Radio Flashlight Charger
Photo provided by MECO

A great and versatile gift for anyone traveling, living off-grid or preparing for emergencies. This little gadget combines a radio (AM/FM/WB NOAA), a USB charger and a flashlight at the same time. This little wonder-box can be charged via hand-cranking an integrated solar panel or a USB port. Multifunctional, small and handy, this is a great gift for sure.







13. Energizer Recharge Value Charger with 4 AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries Included

AAA Battery Charger
Photo provided by Energizer

Batteries are extremely toxic and definitely bad for the environment. Help your friends and family to form eco-conscious habits by giving a rechargeable battery and charger pack. This little handy charger pack can charge four AA and AAA batteries that can be reused and charged hundreds and hundreds of times. A great gift for any household.







Disclaimer: To support our cause, we use affiliate links and may receive a commission for purchases made through these links at no cost to you. We are not sponsored by anyone and list only gear that we are personally use and love. We selected the items we recommend purely based on personal satisfaction and because we like their quality.

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